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We have been blessed over the years with so many wonderful families and we are dedicated to keeping parents involved in every aspect of their children's care. This page is updated with information about our monthly activities, the PTA, and the apps we use for communication and cameras.

Welcome to the Family!
Spring Pictures
 Instructions on viewing and ordering your child’s pictures:

Click the link below.
you will see “JUST LIKE HOME EAST”
click “OPEN”
enter your email address and click “DONE”
You will see 5 albums labeled:

Click into the album that represents the classroom your child is enrolled in.
 If you have more than one child enrolled, the pictures will be in the album of the youngest child. 
Find your child’s name.
 For siblings, you will see both children all in one album.
Click into the album and then it will ask for a password.
The password is your child’s name, all lowercase.
If you have more than one child enrolled, the password will be the name of your youngest child. 

Please note: These pictures have NOT yet been edited.  If you would like to have any of the photos edited, you may contact the photographer directly at [email protected] and he will edit them for no additional charge. 
When you are ready to order your photos, you may do so directly from the website and they will ship directly to you.  All prices are listed online. You will have the option to have the photos printed and mailed directly to you or buy the digital copies.  There is even an option to purchase a social media share file to put them directly onto your favorite social media site.

The deadline for any editing and/or ordering photos will be April 20th.

If you have any other questions or have trouble viewing the photos, please let me know!

Check out your child's Spring Pictures!
Picture Link
Daily Connect
The Daily Connect app is a tool that allows your children's teachers to communicate with you about their day. All of our teachers are trained to use the app to keep you updated about:
-Diaper Changes/Restroom Use
-and even photos throughout the day.
The Super Live Pro app offers parents a look into their children's day. We have cameras placed in each classroom, on the playground, and in other common areas to allow parents to view their children's activities at will. 
The application is easy to use, and you will receive login information when you enroll with Just Like Home.
We decided to begin a PTA in 2018 because we wanted to offer parents, teachers, and administrators an open line of communication. We also wanted to give parents the opportunity to make suggestions about their children's care. 

If you are interested in joining the PTA, please contact Candi at [email protected] for more information.

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